> Welcome message from Adam NULTY, President of The IDDA

After the huge success of our previous six Conferences in Manchester, Cairo, Birmingham, London and our 2023 Palma de Mallorca 3D Printing Symposium over the past eight years, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank those of you who have supported us at these conferences and indeed since our inception. Your continued commitment to supporting the Unbiased, Education and Research based support network that is the IDDA has made the difference with providing a balanced, clinical led perspective on Digital Dentistry Worldwide.

It has been our pleasure to see the growth of the digital community over this period in both the UK and abroad.

Since the first Conference in Manchester in November 2018 our membership has grown to over 22,000 Dentists, Technicians and Dental Auxiliaries with our Facebook Group and our Website portal and 16 current embassies worldwide from Brazil through America, USA, Europe and the Middle East making our group the largest Digital Dentistry society in the world that aims to focus on real world clinical dentistry and bringing these technologies to better patient care.

Our 2nd International Digital Dental Academy Conference was held in Cairo on the 26-29th April 2019 in the magnificent Kempinski Royal Maxim Hotel. We were proud to host over 500 delegates. The 2nd Conference expanded on the first in Manchester and the 3rd in Birmingham was no different. Larger, more delegates, more days, a larger exhibition and hands on training.

The FUTURE Of Dentistry Conference 2021 and the 3D Printing Symposium 2023 were incredible successes. Fully booked and with views stretching over all of London or for the 3D Printing Symposium across the bay of Palma, followed by a Gala Dinner with equally magnificent views.. Our conferences focus on patient workflows using the latest technologies. The calibre of the events were evident to all and this year will be no different.

We at the IDDA realise that there is an abundance of events, conferences and learning opportunities but Dentists and Technicians want something more.

We have designed the next conference as something special, something unique and with the Planetarium this event will certainly be not one to miss.

An opportunity for the amazing community that is the IDDA to come together and learn. Learn techniques and workflows, both simple and complex that will make our daily lives easier and make the work we provide for our patients better, more predictable and more accurate – which is the entire point of Digital Dentistry.

Join us at the National Space Centre, UK on December 5th and 6th 2024…